Product Database

Get access to list of products right in front of you. Filter out product(s) based on category, child category, price, estimated monthly sales, reviews, and other criteria to understand the market trends and find out how your business can profit from those.

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Product Tracker

It is the quickest way to find product trends. You can get accurate results to make the right move. You can track products(s) easily. It’s time to say hello to a hassle-free product analysis with all the necessary details right at your fingertips!

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Brand Tracker

Want to follow brand(s) of products? Track it on Barrel13 and get all the updates you need to make a sound business decision. It’s easy! It’s quick! It’s exactly what you need to make your business more successful than ever!

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Seller Tracker

Finding out the leading selling products just got a lot easier than you expected. The Barrel13 Seller Tracker helps you analyze your competitor’s products accurately, easily, and quickly. It’s an advantage you don’t want to miss!

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Get real-time and accurate data of products with Barrel13 Extensions, available on both Chrome and Safari. While you surf through the products, get important details of the product, like, price, estimated sales, review count and much more, right at hand. Save time and make more money! Get Extensions